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Hannah Zackney is a holistic psychotherapist, MFTi supervisor, a teacher, writer and speaker that infuses meditation, mindfulness and a sprinkle of "badassery" into her work of supporting clients to experience their highest potential. As a yoga teacher of 20 years she is passionate about weaving the mind, body spirit connection to empower and embolden her clients to connect with their true happiness and creative capacity.

In this episode, Naturopathic Doctor, Heidi Hook, interviews therapeutic nutritionist and mind/body specialist, Mary Beauchamp. Mary answers so many questions and brings real clarity around the Ketogenic diet and the GAPS diet.  


In this podcast, I am extremely honored to interview reiki master, Judith Waidtlow and discuss the power of Thoughts. Judith was born in Berkeley, California and grew up in Portland, Oregon. Her intuitive wisdom is particularly adept at detecting areas in the body that require balance and healing as well as providing insights for spiritual development resulting in greater peace and freedom.

Dr. Heidi

Functional genomics is super exciting to me and is an exploding field. It sets the stage for each person's biochemistry and helps me to understand why a certain supplement or treatment works perfectly to heal one person's body and yet the same supplement or treatment doesn't work for another. 

In this episode, Dr. Heidi Hook, Naturopathic Doctor in Auburn, California shares how you can have a relaxing, sound night sleep without medications and wake up feeing rejuvenated and renewed! 

Why do I want to talk about this?  Because this is the issue I hear most, across the board, from my women patients. They tell me that sex hurts and they have been told that there is not much can be done so they “grin and bear it”. My patients tell me time and time again how happy they are to not only finally have their sex life is back but how much they ENJOY it again! This is the reason that I have decided to talk about this.

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